Saturday, October 29, 2011

our new haven charity event

what a great day!!! spent with friends and it was a glorious time!!! i bought a wonderful little pink handbag.....a great black scarf to wear with my great little kicky jacket....and a great little red leather jacket/shirt! can't wait to wear that little number!

what fun it was today! i'm looking forward to next year! such a wonderful event!

hoping to play with some fabric, thread....paper and glue tomorrow! plus i must clean up the house for the little party next week......don't want any cobwebs or dustballs!!!

see you all then!!

i love my crazy life!!!!!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

october......way too cold for me!

i do not like cold weather.....and thank goodness this weekend is a little warmer! we had to turn on the furnace this week and pull out the blankets! love the smell of blankets....however i still don't like cold temperatures!

last week was employee appreciation at MSC......we received flowers....breakfast....lunch....a fun pink scrub shirt with a breast cancer ribbon on it.....and fun nurse barbie....and fold up chairs.....ohhh....almost forgot the massage therapist that our boss brought in for individual massages! oh, what great hands he had!!!

still having fun with some fun fabric.....can't seem to get enough of making little aprons......not sure what i'm going to do with all of them......perhaps some christmas gifts......will wait and see!

world series madness......cardinals 5 texas 0........sorry...however the rangers suck!! just saying!

i love my life~!!!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

etA fishy photos

fish, falls and fun!

well.......had a good turnout for the pampered chef some fun little things....not too much...didn't want to spend a lot of cash!

i will be having a 31 party on November 4...friday night with a crop to anyone that's reading this....come on over! i will be sending out invites....however just a head's up!

okay....not sure everyone knows...however michele and mark got married and had a little celebration last night at the home of some friends......these same friends live on a right outside their backyard!!! jeff had rods and reels all ready in case any of the men wanted to just relax.........well.....20 minutes into being at the party i just had to try my hand at it...(mind you i had seen the slimy rocky edge and wondered to rex aloud if i would fall in!) after the first cast....out comes a large wide mouth bass!....i attempted to pull the hook out...and jeff came to my rescue! i just couldn't let him throw him back in..needed to do this myself and just a little too much momentum and FELL into the lake!!! damn that water was cold!!!! and ruined the cute little pink flats! not to let a little water stop me....i tried again......this time a medium perch came out hooked to my little rod!

fast forward 2 hours later and dinner is finished and well....i just needed a little quiet so i grabbed the rod and first cast...out comes another big mouth bass.....followed in quick succession with 2 more fish! i am now smelling just like that ass is frozen from the wet jeans and my bare feet are ready for amputation! more part to this i was casting the lure it got caught on the neighbors lattice fence so i climbed around to get it....and thinking i'm as sure footed as any tree climbing goat, tried to swing around back to the yard.....and shit....i fell again! one of the men watched the event and i had to lie my way through that! only to find a large gash in my right knee and large contusions on my left foot and arm!

i'd do it again in a heartbeat!!!

up at 345am...having a horrible issue with sciatica and the fall just intensified the cleaned the annex...cleaned house......all the laundry is what??? i know......i'm gonna play with paper, glue and fabric!!!!

happy sunday to everyone.........i love my CRAZY life!!!!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

thursday night....quiet night

well.....another post! can't quite believe it myself, however i've made a promise to myself to try to keep up with my blog......i plan on using some of the information for my scrapbooks!

karen burniston emailed and told me she sent the CE book. she designs all the pop-up dies for Sizzix and the CE book is made with multiple pop-ups. it's so damn cool... the banner autograph book is integrated into the damn cool. i'm hoping i can incorporate it into the joey otlo 8x8 book! wish me luck!

my pampered chef party is coming up soon! just one more week. i certainly hope it all goes well. and i am thinking of having a 31 party the beginning on November! anyone that wants to join us....please let me know! or if you know of something you would me and i can add it to the party list!

well......rex is at the barn it's very quiet at home....well....unless comet is barking at the damn tv.......and i have to be at work early in the

i still love my crazy life!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

don't ruin your sign!!!

the instructions state to coat your sign with Plaid clear gloss varnish to prevent weather issues.......well.......DON'T DO IT!!!!!! my welcome sign is completely and miserably ruined!!!!! rex felt so bad when i said that....(he sprayed it for me) wasn't his fault....just bad product!!! the paper curled and turned white.....the felt flowers and leaves look like they are covered in dust from the past 3 years....

so .........perhaps may call SB, ETC in phoenix tomorrow and see what i can do! pooh!!! guess i will play with paper and glue and try to finish another CE project! however i will not add ANY sealer!!

i love my crazy life!!!

here's your sign!

played today with paper and glue.....finished my little Halloween countdown calendar. it really turned out cute! now i want to design one for christmas! wish me luck!

also finished my Welcome sign from turned out wonderful. i will go to the store tomorrow to see if i can find a frame to fit it....spray it with some gloss varnish and hang it on the front door. the varnish is supposed to help with weather issues. i certainly hope it works! i also am making a Trick or Treat and Believe sign.... need to find another border punch and will have everything done!

will try and finish some of the other Ce projects tomorrow.....i still have some from previous years...and my goal is to finish a lot of these projects....perhaps give them away as gifts... need to purge more stuff to just make it minimal. i also need help with my expenditures...i don't need any more stuff....i need to make due with what i have. sometimes that is just soooo hard for me!

okay......i do love my crazy life!!!

Friday, September 09, 2011

eek.......i'm going to try again

hello blog friends! i am going to attempt to update my blog on a more frequent basis. i have been such a slacker and have NO excuse!

CE rocked and i truly wish that this wasn't the last one! however there will be other events......and us girls will travel around to play with paper and glue.......and make new friends and hug old friends!

i LOVE my crazy life!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

where was june????

holy june almost over??? i can't believe it's the 22nd (and it would be my brother tommy's 64th birthday!.....boy, do i miss him!) anyway......the temps are just too cool for swimming and rex is at the i am trying to stay busy with sewing and playing with paper and glue!

lucy is staying with us for almost 3 weeks while the children are exploring california.....i hope they have a great time!

well......i love my crazy life!!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

tornadoes in missouri!

what horrible news it was to hear about JOplin, Missouri today! i pray for all those that have been touched by this disaster! we had some storms here tornadoes...however hail and heavy rain....0h....and WIND!!! me and the puppies went to the annex for a safe haven from the storm....and the tornado alarms DID go off!! so after what seemed like forever (about 20 minutes!!) i headed upstairs to see what had happened!! only some minor stuff....large lounge chair in the inground worries...that will come out before any swimming is done! some of the plants we purchased yesterday for our wedding anniversary tipped over...however nothing looks broken and i'm sure they will all survive! the large arborvitae that we got was already in the ground! good thing...that pup was HEAVY!!! i just thought about the baby robins outside the front door in the birch tree....will have to see if they survived...i hope they did!

anyway....if anyone lost shingles from their home in our vicinity....come over to my house....we have a plethora of them that landed in our ones..grey ones....even some green ones!!

anyway......i love my crazy life!!!

additional photos (blogger will only allow so many!)

this is the living room,breakfast room and kitchen finished! just need some additional "stuff" for above the cabinets! and you can see the studio from the foyer through the doors!!!

thanks for looking!!

update on home remodel!!!

we have almost finished the entire home remodel!!! the entire house now has hardwood floors! our masterbath now is travertine tile with glass vanities!! love those!!

i have been playing in the annex more than the studio of late....i can make LARGE messes and noone has to be the wiser about it!!! here's some photos of the finished product!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

happy meals and hail!

i am going to try to update my blog a little more frequently! wish me luck!

today was a low census day at MSC and i had the day off! i always seem to waste the morning and then get a wild wind in the afternoon/evening and push to get things done!

last week was particularly busy at the center and one of the anesthesia staff bought Happy Meals for everyone! how thoughtful! i haven't had one of those in years...perhaps decades!! the fries were tasty!

i played with paper, glue and glimmer mist today! something to remember the happy meals!
thanks for looking!

i do love my life!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

playing again!

what a wonderful day.....still have that mani/pedi to look forward to.....however i thought i'd drop in the layout i just finished!!! it's of the skating party! what a wonderful day that was.....doesn't seem like it was 10 weeks ago! love all of these friends! haVE a great one!

a new day!

can you imagine that yesterday was 50degrees and we had the furnace and fireplace on!!! and hoodies!!!!! today the sun is shining, the windows are open and the sounds of the birds.....and my two annoying barking puppies are filtering through!!!

i played yesterday with some new paper and glue.....didn't finish what i had started...however there is always later today! stinky (the little girl who grew up way too fast! and married some young man who i adore) is taking me out for mani/pedi's this afternoon! what could be better????? well.......a cocktail while having a mani/pedi would be spectacular!

i have decided to try out for a new design team! this is always fearful for me....the idea of rejection can sting....however you have to stick your neck out and try! i play in the studio and annex and need some deadlines to keep me going! (not sure you all remember.....the studio is upstairs and the ANNEX where most of the supplies live is downstairs!) and i have been playing more in the annex....keeps the rest of the house a little tidier!

okay....will post a couple of items i'm going to send away! i LOVE my life!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

where has the time gone

wow.....i can't believe how long it's been since i have been here!!! sad, however life is so very busy!
trying to finish the remodel/rehab of the house....we just have the trim to paint and finish the stairs to the second floor.....then a thorough scrub and i think the inside will be done!!! yippee!!!! i will be so glad when it's done....especially with summer coming up! rex wants to work on landscaping this summer and we need to be done with the inside to start another mess outside! !!!!

still playing with paper and glue....taking lots of art classes and trying to learn more and more!!! having some great fun with photoshop....super classes out there for everyone....and some really great groups to get answers that just seem to hide from view!

planning a mani/pedi with erin for this sunday afternoon! she has been busy with the end of the school year and mike's brother/wife/children were in town from utah visiting so i hadn't spoke to her for about 5 days.....she calls today to ask if i don't love her anymore...since it's been 5 days....silly girl....she just needed a gentle reminder about family obligations and homework ....looking forward to spending some time chatting with her!
don't you just love that centerpiece.....may have to try to replicate it from the barn........
happy days to all.....i love my life

Saturday, March 19, 2011

try again


wow....this is really a cool idea...i always find so many cool things on the web that i want to remember and now i have a way to keep them for inspiration!!!

Monday, March 14, 2011


well......what a day this has been........glad that i'm home and it's warm and dry!!! just a little recap of 14 march, 2011....the day before my birthday!!!!!!

off to work at the break of dawn...took off as usual in the little red miata only to notice a small amount of snow on the ground.....and A LOT falling from the sky!!!! rex thinks i'll be good to go in the little sports car so off i go! i had a little swish of the tail after taking off from a traffic light and just thought i would maintain a slow and steady pace!!! so i enter the highway and i'm traveling about 30 mph when i get tapped on the bumper by an elderly man driving a VINTAGE station wagon (need i say WAS a station wagon!!) so i start a spin in the middle of interstate 64 which landed me in the ditch next to the slow lane!!!!! i didn't notice that he had ended in the center median until the police officer arrived and parked behind him!! i then noticed that he obviously did some damage to his axle or tie rod( the front wheels were not vertical!!!! ) now remember that snow that was falling from the SPRING sky at's now coming down even heavier!!!! so the police officer comes over and asked if i needed help...which of course i deny!!!! my dear sweet REX will save the day.....which he did!!!!! i called him, the tow truck company and while waiting for the truck rex arrived with the dustbuster!!! MY HERO!!! *what will we do if that van dies!!!****???? so i climb out of the passenger side of the very small miata and exit into snow........and MUD!!! my cute little flats get stuck and out comes my foot into the snow and mud!!!!! crap....that sucked!!!!! so into the dustbuster and off to work i go!!!!! slow and steady!!! (i had to keep my shoes off, they were wet and muddy) i had to wash my feet once i arrived at way i wanted to keep highway mud on my i have a doctors visit today!! rex popped this photo while awaiting the tow truck.....notice that it's now daylight!!!

after a wonderful day at manchester surgery center....(LOVE MY JOB!!!) i left for a visit with a new doctor.......a little manipulation of my body and it felt wonderful!!! so, feeling all good ..inside and out , i decide to stop and use a coupon at archivers........and the snow is STILL FALLING so i exit the van and carefully try to avoid the slush on the ground.......only to FALL once again!!!! crap that hurt!!!!! i got my cute coat wet.....and soaked one leg of my jeans.....and skinned my knee@@@@@ WTF is wrong with me????? that makes three falls in just 4 short co-workers want to wrap me in bubble wrap!!!!!
well....home with rex and the puppies....i'm safe .....i do LOVE my crazy life!!!

Sunday, March 06, 2011

home and garden show...what fun!!

rex and i spent saturday at the home and garden show at the edwards jones dome! wow.....that place is big.....big enough for an indoor ferris wheel! and no, we didn't ride it.....though i would have liked to!
after a few hours of meandering around the place, we had a little beverage and chips! they sold liquor (beer, wine and cocktails) at the door....can you believe that??? totally shocked by that! so anyway, after walking for some time we found only one thing to purchase.....a MOP!!! can you believe that.......$10 to park.....$8 for the tickets (each) ....and $75 for this cool mop/scrubber/cleaning stuff! and we all know how much i love to clean! (yuck!) however i do like clean!!! wish i would have taken a photo of the mop booth......(i did use the mop over the entire easy and worked great!!!)

they also had this really cool balloon area that looked like a garden.....check out these photos of balloon flowers.......can't wait for the real thing.....looks like spring is just around the corner!

working and being diligent with my online class...mouse, paper, learning photoshop and hybrid stuff.....hope to learn a lot more.

well......another great week at msc......i'm so glad i moved to a new much happier in life!!!!!

and i love my crazy life!!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

cast is off......decorated before!!

got the cast off and just using a splint now.......waited until the night before to decorate it.....used a silver sharpie and made some fun that was!!! too bad i didn't do it earlier!

rex and i are still working on the bathrooms...hopefully they will both be finished soon........rex installed the toilet in the guest bathroom and a few hours later i noticed that the drywall tape was pulling away from the ceiling in the breakfast room.......damn it to the toilet had to be removed and redone!! the bolts used originally weren't long enough so more trips to lowe's for additional supplies!!! oh, i do hope this will be one of the last issues we have with the plumbing!

erin and mike came for dinner on saturday....grilled burgers in the dark... some delicious potato skins.....salad and strawberries with angel food cake! yummmmmmm.....

will try to get some photos of the bathrooms soon.....can't wait for them to be done! wish us luck!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011


thank you to everyone that visited my blog and signed up to follow!!!!!!! i do hope everyone had fun with new knowledge about our country and saw some fantastic artwork!!!! i know i did!!!!

okay.....enough chit chat.....on to the winner!!!!!! via randon org......the winner is Jenn of!!! i'll send you an email........please contact me within the next 3 days to recieve your gift!!!!!

yeah to all!!!!

i simply love my life!!!!!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Blog HOP.......have fun with this!!!!

****** this blog hop begins at 9am 11Feb 2011.......i'll be saving lives at the center so my post is a little early!!! please check out all the blogs beginning at 9am on Friday!!!!! have fun and enjoy yourselves!!******
(i'm going to try to program this to "go live" at 9am.......wish me luck!!)

Okay.....this is my very first blog hop and i'm soooooo hoping i don't mess things up.....i am feeling a little wigged out about this!!!!! first off.... i'm just a crazy RN that loves to play with paper and glue! i do hope that someone will enjoy the markers and ranger distress ink! just leave me a comment.... and follow me.....YEAH!!!! would love to see some new faces....and i'm going to be following all the other blog posters!!!!!

A Big Cricut Hello & Chirp to each of you! Welcome to the Cricky Across the 50 Blog Hop hosted by K Andrew of Getting Cricky! ( If you are here from Jenny Johnson of Paper Crafting Crazy Me http://www.papercraftingcrazyme.blogspot/.com then you are in the right spot. If you just arrived here and would like to start from the beginning please go to KAndrew's Getting Cricky! For this blog hop K Andrew is celebrating her big move across the country with a big road trip, and of course this hop across the 50 states! She has asked us all to post a little bit about the state we are representing, and then to post our Favorite Craft Project. I am representing the state of Missouri!

Missouri is the show me state and most of us like to be SHOWN just what you have to offer! Jefferson City is our state capital and is located in the middle of the state ...along the missouri river! I live approximately 30 minutes west of St. Louis, between the Missouri River and the Mississippi, so needless to say summers here are extremely HUMID!! sometimes upwards of 90% humidity and temps close to 110!!! needless to say, it's a STICKY heat!!!

Some fun places to check out nearby are The Magic House (a fun hands on museum for children), City Museum (an old building turned into a hands on museum/activity area for kids and adults. mainly made with old discards and found materials! much fun!) and a spectacular park...Forest Park in St. Louis....with a zoo, outdoor ice skating rink, horse stables. We also have a park named after Henry Shaw (noted philanthropist from England) (Shaw's Gardens) that has different floral exhibitions through out the year! A great place to visit.............oh.....almost forgot .....we have the St. Louis ARch.....gateway to the WEST!!

my project is about an outing to Forest Park on new years day!!! ice skating for the first time in years!!!! like the title's just like riding a bike!!! until you fall while posing for photos and break an arm.....(just a little setback!) the paper used was basic grey...max and whiskers! also my cricut cuts were from Winter Wonderland....the skates..cut multiple times on kraft cardstock and layered to give the illusion of chipboard. Also the title "just like riding a bike" was from Just Because cards! i had such fun with this layout! just love my family and friends and this was such a fun day.......even if i DID break my arm.....i kept going!!!

my blog candy is a package of american crafts markers and one ranger distress ink.....Broken China! what a beautiful color!! remember to post a comment and become a follower and i will draw the winner and post on monday! enjoy your weekend and i hope everyone gains some inspiration from each and all the blogs!

Please make sure to leave comments on all of the blogs for a chance to win a ton of different Grand Prizes on Getting Cricky's blog, from these great companies:Scrap N Tote, Scrap N Easel, Cri-Kits, Creative Charms, Memory Miser, Scrappy Chic Cafe, Loralie Designs, My Pink Stamper, Peachy Keen Stamps, Cricut Town, The Scrappin' Table, Piktails, and Pink by Design
Please make sure to visit ALL the blogs, as EVERY single blog will have fabulous giveaways (cricut cartridges, paper packs, copic markers, yourstory bundle, clear stamp sets, and tons more). Each blogger was extremely generous with their own personal giveaways

Next up on the blog hop is Kathy from Montana!!! Enjoy your trip across the 50 states!!
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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

blog hop.....going to give it a try

here it's tuesday and i haven't posted in awhile.....still working to get the master bathroom completed.....we do have a toilet now....shower is complete and rex is working on the plumbing for the vanities......he has only made 5 (yep, five!!) trips to Lowe's for different pipes, etc! he thinks he has the proper ones now.......wish us luck!!

okay, while browsing my bookmarked blogs i noticed that krystal andrews... is having a blog hop in february and i am going to sign up to participate~ i'm pretty excited about this......haven't ever done this before....keep your eyes open and i will have a fun giveaway for this!

happy tuesday, everyone!

i love my life!

Monday, January 03, 2011

brand new year.......

wow.....2011.......loving the looks of that 2011.....just kinda cool!!!!

what a wonderful christmas holiday we had.....erin and mike spent all day on christmas eve at our home......then we had a delightful turkey dinner....(next year it's christmas tacos for mike!) then off to bed for all of us.........i was awakened at 830am to a full course breakfast......eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes....the whole thing.....table!!! that is the first time i have ever had it all done for me!!!!! then they (mike and erin) cleaned it all up!!!!! not a crumb was left!!!!! then off they went.....on their 21 hour drive to utah! they made it to cheyenne wyoming that night and finished the drive to utah on sunday! they noticed that we had more snow than kansas or nebraska!!!

mike loved the ipod adapter for his car and installed it that night! erin LOVED her cricut much that we opened it up.....set it up and cut out designs for the christmas cupcakes!!!! what fun to watch the kids enjoy all their new toys!!!!!!! rex loved his new iphone 4.......he wanted to get it going but had to wait until sunday!!!! i got some new cricut cartridges and a new phone......also a cool jacket and a few other fun things!!!!

rex and i stayed home on new years eve......quiet night watching tv and just hanging around! then saturday 1 jan 2011 we went to steinberg ice rink in forest park for some wonderful ice skating...with monica, tim, peter, benjamin, beth, jacqueline, katie, kent, clare, bridget and chad!!!! i held on so tight to that railing all the way around.......i just couldn't remember how to do it (skate).........then on the second time around i got it.......not fast but i WAS skating!!!! then i stopped to chat with the friends....and pose for some photos.......and while standing still......holding onto the railing i was asked to move a little to the left...and i slipped and fell.........onto my left hand!!!! wowsers....i thought i was gonna pass out.......felt queasy....then climbed back up and finished the photo session! beth asked rex if i was laughing while down and he said....NO>>>>she looks stressed!!! so monica came with me to the indoor area to sit down......rex got me a soda to help the stomach thing! after some soda i felt much better!!!!! then i noticed the bump on my wrist......and my inability to move it!!! so i had both monica and rex help me get my rings off.......all FOUR of them......the thumb ring that never comes off.....the middle silver ring.....and my wide wedding band and anniversary band!!! wow.....all i can say is that it hurt to pull on those.......and thank goodness i thought of it cause they would have all had to be cut off!!!!!! then off to the first aid place (at the rink...monica aided another lady who hit her head on the ice and was bleeding from her barrette that caused a laceration)......a little gauze wrap and some tape and it felt stable!!! after sitting a little longer i got up and went back to skating!!!! about 1 hours worth!!!!!! i NEVER fell while skating......just standing still!!!!! then off to monica and tim's for some appetizers and hot chocolate!!!!! loved it all.......and every one of those children are remarkable!!!! so sweet!!!!! kent found a urgent care close by and by 715 pm we were off.......xrays and the diagnosis of LEFT DISTAL RADIUS FRACTURE!!!!!!( that's a fancy way of saying i broke my left wrist!!) damn......rex kept saying.....ahhhh, it's just a bad sprain.....too bad it wasn't just a sprain!!!!!! so i emailed david irvine md and he agreed to see me today for a cute cast!!!!!! unfortunately for me they didn't have lime green or hot it was purple, baby blue, white or black!!!!! so classic black for i'm going to stop at michaels or archivers for some prima bling and super glue!!! gonna dress this thing up!!!!!! and one more great's WATERPROOF!!!!!! so i can shower without worrying about it!!!!! yeah for me!!!!!!
i still love my life.......and i love my work!!!!!!!