Tuesday, April 19, 2011

happy meals and hail!

i am going to try to update my blog a little more frequently! wish me luck!

today was a low census day at MSC and i had the day off! i always seem to waste the morning and then get a wild wind in the afternoon/evening and push to get things done!

last week was particularly busy at the center and one of the anesthesia staff bought Happy Meals for everyone! how thoughtful! i haven't had one of those in years...perhaps decades!! the fries were tasty!

i played with paper, glue and glimmer mist today! something to remember the happy meals!
thanks for looking!

i do love my life!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

playing again!

what a wonderful day.....still have that mani/pedi to look forward to.....however i thought i'd drop in the layout i just finished!!! it's of the skating party! what a wonderful day that was.....doesn't seem like it was 10 weeks ago! love all of these friends! haVE a great one!

a new day!

can you imagine that yesterday was 50degrees and we had the furnace and fireplace on!!! and hoodies!!!!! today the sun is shining, the windows are open and the sounds of the birds.....and my two annoying barking puppies are filtering through!!!

i played yesterday with some new paper and glue.....didn't finish what i had started...however there is always later today! stinky (the little girl who grew up way too fast! and married some young man who i adore) is taking me out for mani/pedi's this afternoon! what could be better????? well.......a cocktail while having a mani/pedi would be spectacular!

i have decided to try out for a new design team! this is always fearful for me....the idea of rejection can sting....however you have to stick your neck out and try! i play in the studio and annex and need some deadlines to keep me going! (not sure you all remember.....the studio is upstairs and the ANNEX where most of the supplies live is downstairs!) and i have been playing more in the annex....keeps the rest of the house a little tidier!

okay....will post a couple of items i'm going to send away! i LOVE my life!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

where has the time gone

wow.....i can't believe how long it's been since i have been here!!! sad, however life is so very busy!
trying to finish the remodel/rehab of the house....we just have the trim to paint and finish the stairs to the second floor.....then a thorough scrub and i think the inside will be done!!! yippee!!!! i will be so glad when it's done....especially with summer coming up! rex wants to work on landscaping this summer and we need to be done with the inside to start another mess outside! !!!!

still playing with paper and glue....taking lots of art classes and trying to learn more and more!!! having some great fun with photoshop....super classes out there for everyone....and some really great groups to get answers that just seem to hide from view!

planning a mani/pedi with erin for this sunday afternoon! she has been busy with the end of the school year and mike's brother/wife/children were in town from utah visiting so i hadn't spoke to her for about 5 days.....she calls today to ask if i don't love her anymore...since it's been 5 days....silly girl....she just needed a gentle reminder about family obligations and homework ....looking forward to spending some time chatting with her!
don't you just love that centerpiece.....may have to try to replicate it from the barn........
happy days to all.....i love my life