Monday, May 23, 2011

tornadoes in missouri!

what horrible news it was to hear about JOplin, Missouri today! i pray for all those that have been touched by this disaster! we had some storms here tornadoes...however hail and heavy rain....0h....and WIND!!! me and the puppies went to the annex for a safe haven from the storm....and the tornado alarms DID go off!! so after what seemed like forever (about 20 minutes!!) i headed upstairs to see what had happened!! only some minor stuff....large lounge chair in the inground worries...that will come out before any swimming is done! some of the plants we purchased yesterday for our wedding anniversary tipped over...however nothing looks broken and i'm sure they will all survive! the large arborvitae that we got was already in the ground! good thing...that pup was HEAVY!!! i just thought about the baby robins outside the front door in the birch tree....will have to see if they survived...i hope they did!

anyway....if anyone lost shingles from their home in our vicinity....come over to my house....we have a plethora of them that landed in our ones..grey ones....even some green ones!!

anyway......i love my crazy life!!!

additional photos (blogger will only allow so many!)

this is the living room,breakfast room and kitchen finished! just need some additional "stuff" for above the cabinets! and you can see the studio from the foyer through the doors!!!

thanks for looking!!

update on home remodel!!!

we have almost finished the entire home remodel!!! the entire house now has hardwood floors! our masterbath now is travertine tile with glass vanities!! love those!!

i have been playing in the annex more than the studio of late....i can make LARGE messes and noone has to be the wiser about it!!! here's some photos of the finished product!!!