Thursday, March 29, 2007


some more!

more travel journal!

more stuff!

layouts and stuff!

here i am again....late on my blog! is just busy...and i love it! can't believe that another month is almost over! seems like it was just christmas....and now it's spring! my daffodils and jonquils are blooming....and everything is turning green! i just love gREen!!! especially liMe!!

okay....going to post some layouts! tfl!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

another day!

wow....can't believe that i haved spent 50 years on this earth! and i can say that i am so happy to celebrate another year!
my family and friends are so dear to me and make my life so very special and i am so thankful for them!

i had the day off today.....added some stripes to my studio wall....finished up some projects for the lss.....and i'm looking forward to some hot pizza for supper tonight! yep....can't wait for pizza tonight!!! butt is resting...hurt his knee again at work.....3 more years and he'll retire from that job.....and then find something a little more fun....with less wear on his joints!!

i love my life!!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

new studio!!

wow....can you believe i'm posting twice in one week......can't explain it....just trying to keep up!

mr. butt is finally starting to work on moving my little studio from downstairs with all of god's little creatures into what used to be the dining room! okay....the dining room has been used all of 6 times in the 7 yrs we have been in our home....sooooo....what better room for me to play in! was his idea! out with the furniture....ripped up the carpet.....and started painting!....yep.....gotta go with liMe greEn!!!! then to put down the hardwood floors....move the desk upstairs.....and go from there!
check out the new's halogen...and really puts out some light!!! (can't figure out how to rotate the get the idea!!)

can't wait until it's all done!! what fun it is to rip stuff apart and then put it all back together!

i love my life!

Monday, March 05, 2007


yes.....that's me....the most pitiful blogger that ever started a blog!!!

just this weekend i was gently reminded of this by a friend i was reaquainted with after over 10 years! I met Barb over 10 years ago at SpareTime Stitchers....we both were avid cross stitchers....(still are to an extent).. at that time with 2 young boys and many commitments Barb had to stop coming to club! me....yep i still go.....haven't stitched in over 1 year....keep going and paying my dues though! anyway.....saw Barb at ForKeepsSake scrapbook store.....and was fabulous to get reaquainted!!...... Jack Nickelson said in one flew over the cuckoo's nest......I"M BAAACCCCKKKKK!!!!

yep......had a great holiday to panama, costa rica, and aruba! the cruise was just so's so fun to just lie in the sun and relax! so very many cruisers started out lying in the sun...and frying like a french fry....and keep going back for more~~~ how crazy is that~~~

will try to post a new computer and still haven't figured everything out!!!

had a roaring good time at the ForKeepsSake retreat this weekend!!! i didn't get much accomplished.....had a great time socializing though!!! i truly think i'm much better suited to just run around and chat....than create while at these events!!!
Timi, Nancy N, Nancy W and Aleeta ROCK!!! i can't say enough good things about Nancy W......she was probably wanting to swat me away......i just love to sit and things from such creative people! i loved her teaching me how to use watercolour pencils.....those are next on my shopping list! already bought those metallic daubers from ranger....loved the way nancy used those~~~!!!!

well....i'll try to post some photos.....

i love my life!!!