Sunday, March 11, 2007

new studio!!

wow....can you believe i'm posting twice in one week......can't explain it....just trying to keep up!

mr. butt is finally starting to work on moving my little studio from downstairs with all of god's little creatures into what used to be the dining room! okay....the dining room has been used all of 6 times in the 7 yrs we have been in our home....sooooo....what better room for me to play in! was his idea! out with the furniture....ripped up the carpet.....and started painting!....yep.....gotta go with liMe greEn!!!! then to put down the hardwood floors....move the desk upstairs.....and go from there!
check out the new's halogen...and really puts out some light!!! (can't figure out how to rotate the get the idea!!)

can't wait until it's all done!! what fun it is to rip stuff apart and then put it all back together!

i love my life!


Barb said...

Can't wait to see the finished studio!!!!
Glad you are blogging.

Cricket said...

Looks like an awesome space! Look forward to seeing it all done!