Thursday, December 07, 2006

some more photos!!

Finally.....the redecorating is done!!!

i am like the worst blogger ever!!! it takes me forever to get things done anymore.. We finally finished the redecorating of the second story of the house.....i really love the way our master bedroom turned out....totally cool and refreshing!!! Rex came up with the idea of painting the stripe around the coffer while we were laying in bed on a saturday night.....and well......we had to get up then and start taping it off!! the ceramic tile floor in the master bath is so dramatic.....and damn cold in the morning!! just the thing to wake you up....(not so fond of that!)
i have been working on secret santa stuff for my CE girl....having some fun with that! also making little miss mcgee some things for her home for the holidays.. she just told me last night that she is going to new england on christmas day with mike....his brother lives there and wants to meet her! mike's employer shuts down for the week between christmas and new year's and since erin is a real school teacher now...she has that time off.....sooo they will fly out around 6pm on christmas day! this will be our first holiday without her sure seems quiet....then of course comet starts barking at a leaf....and there goes the quiet!

the ice and snow remain.....still haven't cleaned off the sidewalk....oh well....perhaps it will melt before spring! if not....there's always summer!

i will add a few more photos of the redo! Happy Holidays to All!

i love my life!