Sunday, September 11, 2011

here's your sign!

played today with paper and glue.....finished my little Halloween countdown calendar. it really turned out cute! now i want to design one for christmas! wish me luck!

also finished my Welcome sign from turned out wonderful. i will go to the store tomorrow to see if i can find a frame to fit it....spray it with some gloss varnish and hang it on the front door. the varnish is supposed to help with weather issues. i certainly hope it works! i also am making a Trick or Treat and Believe sign.... need to find another border punch and will have everything done!

will try and finish some of the other Ce projects tomorrow.....i still have some from previous years...and my goal is to finish a lot of these projects....perhaps give them away as gifts... need to purge more stuff to just make it minimal. i also need help with my expenditures...i don't need any more stuff....i need to make due with what i have. sometimes that is just soooo hard for me!

okay......i do love my crazy life!!!

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