Thursday, September 15, 2011

thursday night....quiet night

well.....another post! can't quite believe it myself, however i've made a promise to myself to try to keep up with my blog......i plan on using some of the information for my scrapbooks!

karen burniston emailed and told me she sent the CE book. she designs all the pop-up dies for Sizzix and the CE book is made with multiple pop-ups. it's so damn cool... the banner autograph book is integrated into the damn cool. i'm hoping i can incorporate it into the joey otlo 8x8 book! wish me luck!

my pampered chef party is coming up soon! just one more week. i certainly hope it all goes well. and i am thinking of having a 31 party the beginning on November! anyone that wants to join us....please let me know! or if you know of something you would me and i can add it to the party list!

well......rex is at the barn it's very quiet at home....well....unless comet is barking at the damn tv.......and i have to be at work early in the

i still love my crazy life!

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gardenlady5562 said...

Absolutely LOVED the Karen's autograph book. Also, the Christmas book she did as well with the same pop-up die. Was unable to get the die since they sold out so fast and CE and on-line.....major bummers.
xoxo gf....