Monday, February 21, 2011

cast is off......decorated before!!

got the cast off and just using a splint now.......waited until the night before to decorate it.....used a silver sharpie and made some fun that was!!! too bad i didn't do it earlier!

rex and i are still working on the bathrooms...hopefully they will both be finished soon........rex installed the toilet in the guest bathroom and a few hours later i noticed that the drywall tape was pulling away from the ceiling in the breakfast room.......damn it to the toilet had to be removed and redone!! the bolts used originally weren't long enough so more trips to lowe's for additional supplies!!! oh, i do hope this will be one of the last issues we have with the plumbing!

erin and mike came for dinner on saturday....grilled burgers in the dark... some delicious potato skins.....salad and strawberries with angel food cake! yummmmmmm.....

will try to get some photos of the bathrooms soon.....can't wait for them to be done! wish us luck!!!

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Monica said...

I love the decorations!!!!