Sunday, March 06, 2011

home and garden show...what fun!!

rex and i spent saturday at the home and garden show at the edwards jones dome! wow.....that place is big.....big enough for an indoor ferris wheel! and no, we didn't ride it.....though i would have liked to!
after a few hours of meandering around the place, we had a little beverage and chips! they sold liquor (beer, wine and cocktails) at the door....can you believe that??? totally shocked by that! so anyway, after walking for some time we found only one thing to purchase.....a MOP!!! can you believe that.......$10 to park.....$8 for the tickets (each) ....and $75 for this cool mop/scrubber/cleaning stuff! and we all know how much i love to clean! (yuck!) however i do like clean!!! wish i would have taken a photo of the mop booth......(i did use the mop over the entire easy and worked great!!!)

they also had this really cool balloon area that looked like a garden.....check out these photos of balloon flowers.......can't wait for the real thing.....looks like spring is just around the corner!

working and being diligent with my online class...mouse, paper, learning photoshop and hybrid stuff.....hope to learn a lot more.

well......another great week at msc......i'm so glad i moved to a new much happier in life!!!!!

and i love my crazy life!!!

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