Monday, March 14, 2011


well......what a day this has been........glad that i'm home and it's warm and dry!!! just a little recap of 14 march, 2011....the day before my birthday!!!!!!

off to work at the break of dawn...took off as usual in the little red miata only to notice a small amount of snow on the ground.....and A LOT falling from the sky!!!! rex thinks i'll be good to go in the little sports car so off i go! i had a little swish of the tail after taking off from a traffic light and just thought i would maintain a slow and steady pace!!! so i enter the highway and i'm traveling about 30 mph when i get tapped on the bumper by an elderly man driving a VINTAGE station wagon (need i say WAS a station wagon!!) so i start a spin in the middle of interstate 64 which landed me in the ditch next to the slow lane!!!!! i didn't notice that he had ended in the center median until the police officer arrived and parked behind him!! i then noticed that he obviously did some damage to his axle or tie rod( the front wheels were not vertical!!!! ) now remember that snow that was falling from the SPRING sky at's now coming down even heavier!!!! so the police officer comes over and asked if i needed help...which of course i deny!!!! my dear sweet REX will save the day.....which he did!!!!! i called him, the tow truck company and while waiting for the truck rex arrived with the dustbuster!!! MY HERO!!! *what will we do if that van dies!!!****???? so i climb out of the passenger side of the very small miata and exit into snow........and MUD!!! my cute little flats get stuck and out comes my foot into the snow and mud!!!!! crap....that sucked!!!!! so into the dustbuster and off to work i go!!!!! slow and steady!!! (i had to keep my shoes off, they were wet and muddy) i had to wash my feet once i arrived at way i wanted to keep highway mud on my i have a doctors visit today!! rex popped this photo while awaiting the tow truck.....notice that it's now daylight!!!

after a wonderful day at manchester surgery center....(LOVE MY JOB!!!) i left for a visit with a new doctor.......a little manipulation of my body and it felt wonderful!!! so, feeling all good ..inside and out , i decide to stop and use a coupon at archivers........and the snow is STILL FALLING so i exit the van and carefully try to avoid the slush on the ground.......only to FALL once again!!!! crap that hurt!!!!! i got my cute coat wet.....and soaked one leg of my jeans.....and skinned my knee@@@@@ WTF is wrong with me????? that makes three falls in just 4 short co-workers want to wrap me in bubble wrap!!!!!
well....home with rex and the puppies....i'm safe .....i do LOVE my crazy life!!!


Monica said...

Oh my goodness! I'm so glad you are ok!!! Big Hugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ray.eden said...

Just found your blog.It s good to read about other peoples lives!!