Tuesday, January 25, 2011

blog hop.....going to give it a try

here it's tuesday and i haven't posted in awhile.....still working to get the master bathroom completed.....we do have a toilet now....shower is complete and rex is working on the plumbing for the vanities......he has only made 5 (yep, five!!) trips to Lowe's for different pipes, etc! he thinks he has the proper ones now.......wish us luck!!

okay, while browsing my bookmarked blogs i noticed that krystal andrews...http://kandrewdesigns.blogspot.com/ is having a blog hop in february and i am going to sign up to participate~ i'm pretty excited about this......haven't ever done this before....keep your eyes open and i will have a fun giveaway for this!

happy tuesday, everyone!

i love my life!

1 comment:

K Andrew said...

I love my life too--your blog is adorable!
You will do great in the blog hop!