Sunday, April 29, 2007

tagged.....not once....but twice!!

okay.....never been tagged here goes!!!

7 random facts about me!

1) i have one tattoo......and would love to get another......anyone game??

2) i starting wearing invisalign braces one year ago.....and i'm almost done!

3) i love to repaint my home.....just to change things up!

4) i married mr. butt less than 1 year after meeting him....that was 31 yrs ago!

5) i was going to become an accountant.....then became an RN instead!!

6) i quit smoking 10 years ago!

7) i love to take naps....nothing is so bad that it can't be cured by a NAP!!!

People who are tagged need to blog 7 random facts/habits and choose 7 people to tag and list their names, Don't forget to leave them a comment on their blog to let them know they have been tagged! i need to do another 7....since i was tagged goes

8) i dislike eating......would rather clean my home than sit down to a meal!

9) if i have to eat....give me cheese pizza!

10) i wear all my jewelry...all the boxes for this girl!

11) i can be a cheap girl when i want to be!

12) i love to give gifts to friends....(just look at my credit card bills!)

13) i have become quite the procrastinator

14) i love liMe grEEn and hOt piNk!

okay.....i tag......kath w, cricket, becca, cindy s, jen k (love ya!), missy..(love ya, too!) and well.....i guess suezlou! love to you all!!

and...a special prayer goes out to jen......i can't imagine your heartache....i know another angel is in heaven watching over us.....may peace find a place in your heart.

i love my life!


Cricket said...

tagging me huh? LOL..okay, I'll do it later today girlfriend!! Love the journal you made but for some reason i can't see the other!


kath said...

So you'd rather clean than eat? I'm unfortunately the opposite.

I already did my 7 but I'll do 7 more just for you. : )