Sunday, August 20, 2006

my baby girl's a high school teacher!

Wow.....i just can't believe this! my baby girl is teaching high school....and not just at any high school....MY high school!.....yep....the very one that i graduated from so very many years ago!!! the school has a very diverse population which is why she choose it....and seems to like it so far! teaching freshman english is not easy....anywhere you teach it! i can't stand Shakespeare....nor do i find reading the great gatsby fun! gimme a trashy novel anytime over the classics!

last weekend mcgee and i spent the day together....we hung out at RedLead here in st. louis....and took a class....made some funky stuff....and then went shopping! that always gets us into trouble....especially with mr. butt......never fails...he finds out....(course...i'm the one to spill my guts!....daddy was was catholic....feel guilty all the time...whether i've done something wrong or not!)

just spent the last two days working on the rolodex swaps for creative escape! can't believe there is only 2 weeks to get everything done and packed up! not quite sure i will make the deadline....however i will certainly try!
want to make some little gifts for all the sweet girls i've met....hopefully can pull myself away from QVC on tuesday....and work on them!

well....everyone take good care of themselves....have a little cocktail...relax....

i love my life,


Becca said...

Wow Kathy--she's BEAUTIFUL! Not that I'm surprised...I mean, come on! Look at her gene pool! : ) But seriously. She's going to have lots of high school boys breaking down the doors to get into her classes!

On another note--you don't like The Great Gatsby? How about To Kill A Mockingbird? Two of my all-time favorites!!!


Cricket said...

Kathy, what a beauty Erin is! What a great id pic too, usually those really stink LOL! Becca is right, all those little high school boys are gonna want to take her class!!

Good luck with all your projects, I'm still madly working on CE stuff!!

Talk to ya soon honey!

Cricket :)

kath said...

Yup, she'll be breaking some froshie hearts! lol

Does your list of things to do for CE tend to grow,instead of shrink, like mine? Good thing we're going to be pampered there cuz I need a vacation from all this prep!