Sunday, September 03, 2006

i'm all done.....except for the dancing!

i have sweated all weekend about getting finished....and i just did!!! all the rolodex's are finished with photos....think my mojo was out on a date when i made them.....oh well......we all can't be as creative as you know who!!!......then i spent part of last night fishing around for photos for heidi's class.....and came up with 2 sets.....either the portrait one....or the 3-3x3's......all are b&w....i hope they'll turn out cool! thoughts turned to cj's!!!!!!!!!!! yep.....had two of them staring me straight in the face! i knew that i had to put some cool mojo into ms. sher's cj ( will put the same in the other one) and that i had to put it in i actually stayed up til 10pm (can anyone say old woman??).....then got up at 630am (what the hell is up with that??'s sunday am....course the sun was shining for the first time in 6 days....and it was just a sucker hole! lasted all of 15 minutes) and worked until 9am.....and it's done!!! yippeee!!!!!!!!!! and i think it looks kinda fun! i hope sher thinks so! she's already in az.....playing with her mom & dad.....getting some sun.....relaxing.....damn i wanna do that! SHER?????????? where are you??????????

i will post the photos of my cj layout.

this may be my last blog for awhile.....i arrive home on sunday 9.10 and have a lot of prep work to do for surgery on monday am......after that...i doubt i will have the energy to post for a while!
i remain positive about everything....i know that there is a plan for me....and this is just part of it! don't know yet who is to come into my life or who's life i will come into....however i do know that it will be important and i will do my very best!
i get to see my girls in just a few days.....and can't only say WOW!!!!!!!!!!! i can't wait to see each of their faces, their shining smiles....dancing eyes.....and the awesome talent that each possess. I also get to meet some new girls....that i can't wait to add to my list of friends....Carol K, Steph, Sarah, Trina, Catherine, Amy, Sher, Lisa, Mona, Reyna, Sharon (sans her potato), Chiara...and anyone i have failed to mention. it's not because you are's because i'm so forgetful!

please travel safely and have the best adventure getting there......then pull on your party shoes.....and let's ROCK THE WEST!!!

i love my life,


Becca said...

I actually clapped and giggled today with just the THOUGHT of seeing you again! I can hardly wait!


Cindy :O) said...

kath---- okay YOU forgot ME BUT i forgive ya! Can't wait to give you loads of CE sister HUGS and finally meet you-- imagine, we are ALMOST there! Can't wait!
hugs & friendship!

Anonymous said...

Not even two days left until we're all together! Can you believe it? Nope...I can't either!

Love your attitude're going into surgery with so very many hugs, prayers, and happy thoughts! Just remember to ask for the good stuff!

Cricket said...

can't wait to see ya girlfriend..two more days! Whoo Hoo!! Really dig those layouts too, how cool are they!

Cricket :)