Sunday, August 13, 2006

i thought i was on a roll!

well.....thought i was anyway! my girlfriend Cricket emails me....while prepping for her weekend getaway...with instructions for adding links! well......try as i might.....they look like they should be someplace.....however not where i intended them!

yesterday i spent the day with little miss mcgee (yep....that's the daughters nickname)....and we had a blast! we took a class at an art store....and i have the alcohol inked hands to prove it! not gonna elaborate on what we did.....may just be a surprise for some CE girls! ......anyone curious???? hope so!!! then off for some shopping! we hit the Central West End.....where all the "cool" people looking for some "urban" furniture. mr. butt (yep.....that's rex the dh's nickname) painted some rooms upstairs....and then we decided it would be less expensive to just paint the furniture vs. buying is now BLACK!! it looks pretty cool! the study is now deep red.....with black furniture! looking for a funky chair to go in there.....would like to find one that has red, orange, brown and black fabric!....something really wild! **if you have seen one.....send me the info****
i took a few photos of the rooms....the loft is "peanut shell" and the study is "stadium red" to just finish them up!

also wanted to again thank my secret CE sister....she ROCKS!!! she sent this incredible travel journal.., t-shirt for me and a treat jar for my little puppies! i was just so happy to unwrap the whole thing....apollo is just waiting patiently for me to give him another treat! where's comet? no where to be found....happens all the time when i get out the camera!

guess i better get my self's 1030am on sunday....and i haven't accomplished anything! still have a lot to finish before packing for Arizona! it's just 23 more days til "i'm leaving on a jet plane....don't know when i'll be back again" i can't figure out how to get it off italics! damn....this is like being a first grader!!! some many challenges! any one have a 7 yr old that could help me! they would know what to do!

yep....i love my life!

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