Tuesday, May 04, 2010

weekend fun and a glorious day off!

wow.......i had such a great weekend.....spent saturday with gf's playing with paper, glue and WATERCOLOURS!!!!!! made some cards.....a couple of layouts and watercoloured on a canvas bag! now i just need to get some embellishments to add to it!

i had today off.........the sun was shining and the air smells so good!!!!! i could hear the sounds from the water fountain in the swimming pool........the water is blue and still quite chilly! once we add the solar blanket, i'm sure we'll be in it soon!
rex has been working steadily on expanding the pool deck......along with installing hardwood floors to the second story of the house! he painted the guest bedroom this past week.....he took a week's vacation to play and get some things done! he also visited the union hall and social security office........and he is planning on retiring within the next 8 months!!!!! hooray for him!!! at just 56 yrs old, i'm so happy for him! he has such bad rheumatoid arthritis in both of his hands.....and sometimes they just ache!!! so it will be good for him to get out of that type of work, and into something that requires less stress on his joints!
i finished photographing and typing up my information for my guest designer gig at ClearScraps for the month of May........i had fun making the little book and adding all the fun stuff from my first trip to Ikea............will post more about it next week...........

hope everyone is safe (with the floods and scary weather!)......take good care of yourselves!!!

i love my life!

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