Thursday, May 13, 2010

Guest Designer for ClearScraps for May & June 2010

wow......what a great life.......i just finished a guest designer project for ClearScraps for the month of is to be posted next week........had some fun with the acrylic and photos from ikea!!! loved that store!

been extremely busy and tired in the last few weeks......working hard and not sleeping well.....then taking naps in the afternoon which just perpetuates the whole not sleeping thing!!!! wish me luck on fixing that!!!!!

saturday we are having a subdivision garage sale and i have been trying to get a few things together.........since we are installing hardwood in the second story of the house....we are trying to declutter and minimize all things!!!!

even with the storms we have had in the last few days, i just wanted to post a little photo of my beautiful and fragrant peonies!!!!! love these, just disgusted by the ants that come with them!!!!!

i love my crazy, busy life!!!!!!


joven said...

hi, you have nice blog.. u can view also mine..

cookeldy said...

Hey BFF....I am right there with you on the ant thing. One of my biggest fears as a child was going near my Mom's Peony's because they were covered with ants !!! I have 2 peony plants in my yard and the ants still give me the willies !!!
Miss ya.....sounds like the creative life is going well !!!