Monday, November 22, 2010

dust and new tile!

well, rex and i finally started installing the travertine tile in the master bath yesterday! i didn't think it was ever going to happen! we started this project over 6 weeks ago....however demo was quite a bitch, repairing what needed repairs, plumbing took over 24 hours (8 hours at a time) to accomplish......and here we are now, starting to install the tile!!! since erin and mike are spending thanksgiving with his family we will work on glass tile installation and continue with the travertine! our first row on the bottom was is a row of the glass tile......then thenext section will be diamond shaped travertine....then a row of glass....then square tile to the ceiling! we think...(and hope!) that the design will be looks good on paper!!!! then install the medicine cabinets....the vanities.....finish the plumbing (oh...hope that doesn't take as long as the first time!)....grout and accessorize!!!!! hopefully most of this will be finished by next monday! we have four days to work.....well....really only 3 since the children will be here on saturday for our holiday together! then we are going to see the harry potter movie with them that evening! i'm sooooo looking forward to that!

well....just wanted to add this fun little photo of mr. butt messing around! what a crazy man he is!!!! LOVE him!!

happy thanksgiving to everyone!


Kathleen Loughran said...

I certainly hope you took "before" pics. My memory is only vague on what it looked like before - so I can see the fabulous "after" and oooh and aaah most appropriately.

Miss you and would squeeze you if I could.


becky said...

anything new??