Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Clear Scraps and Chicago!

had a wonderful time while in chicago......it's was awfully chilly (shelley didn't seem to think so!) however after being used to our warmer weather chi-town seemed like the dead of winter! i shivered and did my best to stay warm.....keeping in the sunshine helped!

kathleen was just radiant! she seemed genuinely surprised by the shower! it was delightful for me to see so many ladies from the chicago area! nan gudenhauf hosted the shower/crop, cathy doyle, jeanne k, kandi, sue, teribeth, melanie, kath w, melissa, shelley were all in attendance! (hope i didn't forget anyone!) the gifts kathleen received were wonderful.......a handmade afghan from jeanne, a baby wipe warmer (adults could use this item!) a germ guard type item for shopping carts!, clothing, books and other baby stuff! what a great time!

shelley and kathleen took me to dinner and shopping at windy city! the food was delish and the shopping was wonderful! i scored some of the new heidi swapp stuff.....loving it! and can't wait to play with it!

i played with some clear scraps while at the crop/shower and completed this little mini with the leftovers from the above album.....the pp is from MyMind'sEye and is the "justDreamy 2" line .....janet and jackie hooked me up with this while i was visiting them last weekend in quincy! (i sound like a world traveler!!)

i will try to post more photos.....seem to be getting better at this.........course now that i have tooted my own horn something will happen!

thank you to shelley for having me as your guest at your home...my hugs to max and harley!......also to nan for having me at your lovely home and all the wonderful girls for their laughter, smiles and fun!

here are some additional photos!

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Anonymous said...

Kathy! I loved seeing you and chatting and catching up on the craziness. Will see you again in a few weeks at SSL. take care - Melissa