Sunday, January 18, 2009

weekend with ClearScraps......and drawing!!

hello everyone!!!!!!   thanks to all for the will ABSOLUTELY love clearScraps.......i had the opportunity to teach a class for them this weekend.....and had such fun!!!!!

didn't take ONE photo....too bad for me!!!!!!!

i will draw tomorrow for the Blog Winner.......guess i will make that winners....(just need to verify with J&J to numbers!!) and then the goodies will go out! ...just an FYI.......these new ClearScraps are all being released at Winter CHA, so it may be a couple of weeks before they are shipped!!!!!    i will make sure that J&J let me know when these are shipped.....and i will send out additional goodies to go with them!!!

thanks again, everyone!
kathy      AKA sparky!!!!!!


Monica said...

Kathy, Your class at the PJ crop was awesome!!! The book we made is wonderful!!! Love that we were able to sit by you all weekend!! Woohoo!!! Big Hugs, Monica!

miss guido said...

strap that camera on and take pictures!
ps - looking forward to SSL

Barb said...

Glad you had fun teaching....wish I would have been there! Got you msg, sorry didn't get back to you---in Milwaukee with the boy and a bunch of volleyballs!