Monday, September 10, 2007

ce ROCKED ROCKED~~~~~~~~~ can't give any details just yet on my blog......however, i need to find someone who knows how to add music to blogs.....and i want to have annie lenox's "walking on broken glass" play!!!!!!!! those of you that played in az know what i'm talking about!

i just love my life.....and i love all the girls at CE!!!!!!!!!!


Debbie said...

Kathy...YOU rocked at glad you stayed with us..hope you were comfortable. Thanks for your willingness to pick us up the luggage!! We recieved your letter and the money is redelivered out to Trina and myself!
We had a great time, and really do hope to see you this next year. I am still completing my 21 day journal, so this first one just wasn't feesable!! Good luck with yours though!

Chiara said...

I loved seeing you and I agree it was a blast