Sunday, June 24, 2007

new studio photos!

well......a friend from the lss (nancy W!!!) was chatting via email with someone and showing some photos of her space and invited the lady to check out photos of my studio on the blog! well......this lady is publishing a book about scrap spaces and liked it!!! soooooo......needless to say i sent photos of the cleaned up room and she said she loves it!!! would like to add it to her book.......and will send out interview questions in a couple of weeks!!! how cool would that be!! guess i'll just have to wait and see what happens!!!

anyways.....spent the weekend in the pool.....cocktails in hand......just relaxing and having fun with friends and family! now it's time to recover and get ready for the work week.....ick!!!

hope everyone is doing well.....miss so very many friends.....and would love to just sit and chat!

i love my life so much!!!


Cricket said...

Man Kathy, your room is FABULOUS!! How freakin' cool is it that it will be in a book (as it should be!!)!! Okay, now you've inspired me to get cracking on mine!!


missy j said...

You Rock!

renee said...

Obviously you don't have enough scrap crap if you don't have piles of it laying around! Wanna come down here and organize my room???

My Digital Muse said...

Now, I am totally YOUR stalker! Um, room for one please - in that STUDIO! - :) Holly McCaig

Cheryl said...

A friend of mine sent me the link to your blog - LOOOOVE your scrapbook room! It deserves to be in a book.

Thanks for sharing!

Cheryl Overton

Mish said...

Kathy your studio kicks ass baby!!! It was sooooo great to meet you at CHA and hang out eating those massively large desserts. You are an inspiration. :-)

becky said...

when are you coming to help with mine???

and we need an update miss CHA attendee! come on, girl! what's the scoop?

Leslie Kiley said...

I just love the GREEN!!!!!! Awesome room. So excited for you. See you at CE.