Saturday, November 04, 2006

pouting.....have to return to the "plant" on monday was bound to out of money....and have to return to work! actually i'm feeling much better and will go to work on monday...only going to work 4-5 hours per day to start...gotta ease back in slowly! my luck there will be some rather large man that has his shoulder repaired and won't be able to stand without me helping him.....then i'll end up hurting myself....oh....i love my life!!

holy smokes...i can't believe how bad i am about keeping up with this here blog! didn't realize it would take some of my valuable time....yeah i'm doing anything constructive other than watching reruns of Law&Order....or sitting on my butt and watching mr. butt install a ceramic tile floor in our master bath! Wow....that boy can work...and it looks beautiful.....have to wait until tomorrow to grout? it!.....i'll sit back and watch that too!!! hopefully when that is done...i can start to decorate! i bought bed linens off ebay....for a mere $ the king size duvet cover, skirt, shams and 3 dec pillows!!! also bought some lime green throw pillows for the bed! now....i just need to wait for the wall words i ordered to come ...then i can hang the photos above the bed!....yep....bought the words on ebay too.....and they will go right above our bed...and say....ALWAYS KISS ME GOODNIGHT" can't wait to see them! i will post some photos when it's done...will probably take another week or so!

okay....cindy....where the heck are ya??? here's the photos of the frap bottles.. they still need the candy put in them...also the clock i made for my girlfriends! i made 3 of them...pretty much all the same....that way no-one can fuss that her's isn't as nice as the others!!

well....feel like i should take a little snooze.....well....really i should stay up and just go to bed like normal folks....course i'm anything but normal!
so....hopefully i will keep up with my little blog!

i love my life


Cindy :O) said...

ok kath here I am !!!!!! LOVE the frap bottles--you give me such inspiration! Want to see the bedroom all finished!!1 I have always kiss me goodnight above my bed--that hand-painted sign & a 4 foot eucalyptus wreath!

Kim said...

Clock looks great! Your friends are lucky to be the recipients!

Kim Langston

Trina said... the bottles...may have to do those for Christmas.
Good luck at work on Monday!!!

Becca said...

Love the bottles, Kathy! And the clock, too. Can you please explain how you did the bottle wraps? Is it a computer-generated thing or what? Speak s l o w l y for me--so I can keep up! : )

I hope everything goes okay for you this week when you go back to work--wishing you could stay home forever!

Love you!

Cricket said...

Hiya honey! Love your frap bottles and the clock just ROCKS!! Your friends will love them!! Still need to finish mine and one I'm doing as a gift..ah, so much to do, so little time! Good luck Monday at work, take it easy!

Cricket :0)

kath said...

Cute bottles & clock! If ya need anyone to drink all that caffeine, give me a holler, lol!

Keeping my pinkies crossed that no large men cross your path at work!

Hey, I just noticed you're on a dt! How fun! Do they have an online site so I can see all your goodies?

Good luck at work tomorrow!

Chiara said...

I love those bottles. I have a couple of ideas now.

munky said...

hey sweetie! love the frap bottles and clock!!! i've been checking your blog to see how you are (since i'm too busy to keep up with the forum right now) so i'm glad you posted again. :) miss you!!!